Why perform annual interviews?
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Why perform annual interviews?
HERMES D.O.O., Jasmina Macur
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At the end of the year, it is a good time to look at the year being celebrated, to talk about the good and the less good of this year and the opportunities for improvement in the next. This is also a good time to conduct annual interviews. If you are planning them in your business, it is good to know what you would really like to achieve with them. One of the more important steps is that the management is only very aware of what the purpose and objectives of the annual interviews are.

Why annual interview?

We know the goals of the annual interviews at both the organization and individual levels. By improving communication and deepening trust between the employee and the manager we will more effectively motivate the employee, discover his / her hidden potentials, develop a better climate in the company and among the employees, which leads to improvement of the individual's efficiency, his / her work results and consequently the organization as a whole.

The purpose of annual interviews is therefore to find new ways or opportunities to increase and create new, added value for the organization.

An annual interview can be a great opportunity for an employee and manager to take the time to talk, which too often runs out of time during the year. During the annual interview, we can tell ourselves things that we are not able to do at today's fast pace. So this is an opportunity to express what we like, what bothers us and what we want to change in the long run.
As a result, we set concrete goa and plans for improvements in the coming year
However, poor understanding or poorly set goals for annual interviews can quickly lead to uncomfortable feelings. It is important for the employee to be able to influence their goals or even set them to some extent. This significantly increases the commitment to the goals and thus the possibility of achieving or even achieving them.
The annual interview let us take time. At the annual interview, it is desirable to exchange honest opinions and expectations, which, of course, cannot be done quickly.

It is important for both the manager and the employee to view the annual interview as something positive. In doing so, the employee should be encouraged to express their thoughts. The manager also expresses his plans, wishes and expectations for the employee. However, it is always necessary to think about the wishes of the employee. The manager presents the real possibilities (in relation to the work so far, the possibilities of financing education, etc.), and the employee expresses his expectations and wishes. The goal here is to coordinate these things and formulate a tentative plan with concrete goals for next year. Don't be too many and not too many. It is very important that the goals are clearly defined so that both participants in the interview know exactly what they have agreed.

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Evaluating the work of employees is quite easy when the work of employees is of high quality and above average - in short, when we are satisfied with it. There is nothing easier than having a meeting where we tell the employee that we are very happy with him and that he should continue.

If the annual interview does not follow the realization of commitments and promises (eg promotion as a result of the realization achieved), the interview will have the opposite effect. In the long run, employees will feel that the annual interview will not produce any results and changes and will therefore be more reticent and less motivated to speak in the future. It is reasonable that the annual interview be followed by a development plan, which is approved and also implemented and monitored. If you are thinking that you would rather not even have this interview because of this annual interview, remember that these interviews are an important tool. If you do not use it, communication in the company is certainly worse, information transfer at all levels is less, and your employees may be lost in their work responsibilities, not knowing what their main tasks are and what are the main areas they should improve
Therefore, it is in the mutual benefit of conducting frank and good annual interviews, since satisfied employees are the greatest wealth the company has.

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