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Manage your clients and projects

By using various Odoo modules such as project management, customer support, CRM, marketing tools, we comprehensively support your business.

Become visible

Let your business start with a website 

Odoo allows you to build a website with preset templates that you can customize. One-click website layout in Odoo hosting and you can immediately start addressing your customers.

You can quickly upgrade your website with a customer portal and do business with them without paperwork. 


Develop your marketing strategy

Put your business on autopilot.

Odoo contains all the important marketing tools you can use to address and nurture your customers. Create segmented lists and send personalized offers. Monitor campaign performance and automate customer notifications. 

Increase sales

Implement an effective Odoo CRM solution

Plan and organize sales activities based on sales scenarios. Manage communication with the customer. All customer information is visible through a 360 degree view in one place.

Monitor sales growth against planned targets.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Complete control over the implementation of projects

Plan and schedule team work

An advanced Gantt chart is available at Odoo to plan the occupancy of your resources. With the help of project tasks, organize the work, determine responsibilities and deadlines.

Keep track of time spent and monitor the performance of your projects.

Customer support

Have satisfied customers

Effective ticketing support is key to a long-term satisfied customer. This can be achieved through the SLAs, transparent review of open and closed tickets, and effective communication with the client.


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Need more? 

Why is Hermes your best Odoo partner?

30+ years of experience   

A team of experts

Own solutions for Odoo

Support for all processes


Network of partners - Connecting dots

We understand your needs: We start counseling with a free conversation and a quick diagnosis of your condition and needs. We can also have our first conversation online and help you start the digital transformation.


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