Odoo CRM

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360° view over customers

User oriented CRM

Nurture your potential customers. Follow the sales funnel of the entire sales team. Evaluate opportunities and arrange them in stages according to their maturity. Kanban view allows transparent monitoring and scheduling of open tasks.

Together with the mobile application for Android and iOS, it is an ideal tool for the seller to work in the office and in the field.

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Do more in less time

Plan activities based on sales scenarios: calls, meetings, messaging, and quote preparation.

Real-time reports overview

Simply review sales results and plan future activities.

A comparison between results and monthly plans is crucial in monitoring sales. You can plan your next activities in accordance with the results and expectations for the following period: month, quarter, half year ...

Odoo CRM is the sales tool of the future!

Wondering how Odoo CRM can help you effectively track your sales?