Odoo CRM

The right tool for your sales needs, focused on customers and live business. Follow up leads, get accurate forecasts and focus on what matters: closing the deal. 


Take full control of your sales organisation  

In the Kanban view, opportunities are grouped into phases that you organise. The unique sales process visualisation allows you to manage opportunities quickly and efficiently.

This is a basic view of a sales team's sales flow

A quick overview of all opportunities, activities and potential sales

Each opportunity is listed on a card with all the essential information, and each stage includes an overview of the expected revenue.

Card and planned activities
Overview of the timelines and potential (total and monthly value) of each phase..

All communication is recorded

The Chatterbox appears on the right hand side of the page at every opportunity. It contains a record of every email message exchanged (both yours and the customer's reply), Whatsapp, SMS, all internal company messages, all activities and documents. Among the documents, the offer is particularly important, both the value of the offer and any revisions until the deal is closed. The smart buttons dynamically displayed at the top of the page are very useful for accessing the relevant documents.

A detailed example of an opportunity using Chatterbox and Smart Buttons

Efficiently manage activities and tasks

The CRM module includes a powerful activity management tool that allows you to plan and track all important tasks, meetings, calls and other activities. This ensures that no task is overlooked and all activities are completed on time. Odoo CRM stands out for its ability to customise and automate workflows, increasing the productivity of your team.

All activities 

From opportunity to confirmed sale - it doesn't get any faster

Turn a Lead into an Opportunity

From cold leads to opportunities

A few clicks to the offer

Simple or complex offer on 100 pages.

Send a quote and see the insights

When the buyer opens the offer.

Adjust your offer

Every communication and change is recorded

Buyer confirms online

By signing on his phone or by clicking the "Accept" button.

Automatic project preparation

Once approved, the implementation project can be opened automatically.

Automate processes for maximum efficiency

Odoo CRM allows you to automate a number of processes, including automatically assigning tasks, sending reminders and notifications, and triggering next steps based on certain conditions. This greatly reduces manual work, increases efficiency and ensures that all processes are executed consistently. 

For example, if a seller changes the opportunity phase to "Offer submitted", Odoo automatically prepares the "Call for offer" activity on the defined days.

In-depth analysis and flexible reporting for informed decisions

Odoo CRM provides comprehensive analysis and reporting tools that allow you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyse sales data. Create customised reports and dashboards to help you make strategic decisions and optimise your sales processes. 

Pivot reports, dynamic charts, drill downs, Odoo tables and more.

CRM is part of the whole. It is connected to all the other modules.


Odoo Sales is a complete sales solution that enables efficient sales order management, professional quoting, sales process automation and integration with other Odoo modules to optimise the entire sales cycle.

Websites and online b2c / b2b sales

Odoo eCommerce is a powerful online sales platform that makes it easy to create and manage online stores, integrate payment solutions, track inventory and process orders, while Odoo Website allows you to design and customise professional websites using a drag-and-drop editor, integrate with marketing tools and optimise SEO to improve your online presence.


Odoo Subscriptions enables businesses to easily manage subscription services and products, automate recurring invoices, track subscription status, analyse revenue, and integrate with CRM, accounting and email marketing to manage subscription business models holistically and efficiently.

Email marketing

Odoo Email Marketing enables you to create, send and monitor effective email campaigns with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, audience segmentation, marketing workflow automation and detailed analytics to improve customer engagement and optimise marketing strategies.

VOIP telephony

Odoo VoIP integrates telephony functionality directly into the Odoo system, allowing users to make and receive calls, record conversations, automatically log activity in CRM, use call campaign features and analyse phone data to improve customer communication and sales team efficiency. It's also possible to automatically transcribe a call or record a summary and highlights. It all gets recorded in Chatterbox,

Odoo CRM is the sales tool of the future!

Wondering how Odoo CRM can help you track your sales effectively?