Hermes - Odoo partner
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11 October, 2019 by
Hermes - Odoo partner
HERMES D.O.O., Jasmina Macur
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We can proudly say that we have become an Odoo partner.                                                                                   
Even more - We have become YOUR Odoo partner for the added value of your business.                                     

What is Odoo?

Odoo is an open source ERP in the Slovenian market that covers all processes within the company in a single application. Odoo is changing the rules of business.

If you used to have dozens of different solutions for sales, CRM, Marketing, accounting… and integrate with one another, now it is no longer necessary.

Odoo brings together the best of the individual world under one roof. Expensive integrations between different solutions are a thing of the past.

What does Odoo do?

Odoo is not just a standard business management platform - it covers the sale and management of projects in a single tool and enriches them with various functionalities such as multi-tier production, POS and online commerce to provide a universal solution that can help all businesses manage all kinds of activities.

In addition, Odoo goes a step further by including all the sales channels you can think of, which, combined with strong inventory management, puts Odoo at the forefront of business information systems that can be found on the market today.


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