Why use CRM in your business?
22 October, 2019 by
Why use CRM in your business?
HERMES D.O.O., Jasmina Macur
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Kakšna je dodana vrednost za podjetje, ki se odloči za uvedbo informacijske strategije imenovane CRM (ang. Customer Relationship Management) oz. obvladovanje odnosov s strankami?

Naj poudarimo le nekaj osnovnih prednosti CRM-ja.

•    Competitive advantage

Companies that want to compete in today's markets must also face the introduction of new technologies and strategies. One of these is definitely customer relationship management and CRM. The successful introduction of information technology for CRM leads to the creativity of the company's employees, which can be a competitive advantage. It also gives you a clear overview of your sales, goals and the achievement thereof.

•    Increased employee productivity

 All information about our customers is stored in one place and is accessible to everyone in the company. This leads to rapid response and, consequently, to customer satisfaction. Collecting, storing and using information about our customers increases the productivity of all employees in the company.

•    360 degree view of customer card

The customer card represents a blood picture of our relationship with the customer. Data from various sources (sales, purchasing, outstanding receivables, volume of operations over the years) are crucial in communicating with customers. Knowing the customer and consequently understanding their behavior enables the company to constantly adapt, direct activities, products and services in the right way. This leads to long-term good relations and successful cooperation over the long term. 

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 •    Effectiveness of sales activities

Managing sales campaigns increases the profitability of the company.At the same time, they enable traceability of interest in sales products and enable them to be more effective in the market.With such activities, the company can attract better customers or retain better ones for itself.The added value of sales campaigns can also be that we can segment our customers and inform our target customers about our products or services.

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By implementing the CRM strategy, the company improves its services, increases customer loyalty and affiliation.

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In order for the company to successfully establish the whole concept of CRM, it is necessary to gather all the necessary information from existing sources into one complete database, which will be a valuable tool for us to get all the details about our customers and will be accessible to all employees at any time.

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