Personnel and payroll

Odoo Employees + Hermes payroll. An invincible combination!

Odoo Human Resources Management 

Odoo offers a wide range of human resource management solutions. A comprehensive approach includes basic data management, absences and attendance, annual interviews and recruitment. 

Human capital management (HCM) is becoming increasingly important and is becoming a key area of the company's development and operations.


Hermes payroll 

With the Hermes360.payroll solution, you can calculate salaries for employees, posted workers, contract workers. It enables fast and easy data entry and correct calculation of illnesses, absences and mileages. Data is always in line with the law, as this is taken care of by the Hermes team. 


An online solution

Odoo personnel is an online solution that enables access to personnel data for all employees. It allows them to register leave, sick leave, report expenses and much more.

Complete set of functionalities

You can select only those modules you need. Odoo grows with your needs and can cover HR processes completely.




Comprehensive personnel records with data on employees, family members, valid documents. 

Attendance records and absence planning

Odoo detects for himself if an employee is at work. It allows easy measurement of efficiency. Confirm or reject the request for leave

Manage your fleet

Manage your entire fleet with a single system.

Personnel recruitment

Plan your job needs. If you have an Odoo website, you can easily lead the candidate selection process.

Assessments and annual interviews

Regular annual interviews are important for monitoring employee satisfaction. Interviews are stored in a personal folder and can be the basis for rewarding and grading.

Competence development 

If employees need specific skills to fill the job, you can refer them to the right training.


Calculation of salary and other remuneration

Comprehensive payroll

Hermes salaries are always in accordance with Slovenian legislation and enable the calculation of all types of personal income.

For private and public sector

They are ready for both the private and the public sector.

Linked to personnel records

All data collected in the Odoo personnel records are easily transferred to the payroll. The payroll document can wait for an employee at Odoo.

Interested in how to manage the staff in your company?