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We are experts in digitalization in construction

When preparing a solution, we take into account various aspects - construction, business, legislation.

We teach you how to create your own databases. This will give you a competitive advantage in the long run and enable quality management of construction and investment projects.

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Quick and easy to offer in 4BUILD

With the help of databases (sources, price lists, standards) you can quickly and efficiently prepare the basis for construction projects and inventories of works. Create estimates and quotes from existing projects, import inventory from Excel, or use the BIM model.

Built-in machine learning facilitates the preparation of estimates and investments.

Plan, implement and monitor

4BUILD allows you to create a schedule with just a few clicks directly from the construction project inventory. 

Easy access to project documentation and electronic management of the construction book is provided. Built-in tools for calculating the dimensions of the work performed are helpful.


Manage costs

The costs of internal resources, subcontractors, installed materials and all indirect costs are collected in one place. This provides a 360-degree view of projects.

Connect stakeholders

With built-in solutions, you can connect different stakeholders (investor, contractor, supervisor ...) and enable them to participate in the project without duplication of data.

Odoo and 4Build

We functionally integrate Odoo ERP with 4Build and thus get an additional dimension of construction solutions.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

BIM technology

4BUILD has a built-in tool for virtualizing BIM widgets. BIM elements enable faster construction inventory, better graphic presentation of the project and more efficient control.

In 2016, we received a silver award from the Chamber of Commerce for Innovation for the BIM software building block.

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